Millions of Americans have received affordable, quality health insurance through Enroll by February 15 for 2015 coverage. 
"Join the Millions: #GetCovered through Healthcare.Gov"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics allowed me to continue on with my life. 
Go, sign up and you have health insurance. 
I qualify for financial assistance and it's a huge weight off my chest.  
With, I have options to specialists, primary care physicians and dental. 
And so I went online, I found that plan that's for me and it's been excellent ever since. 
No matter who you are, is there for you. 
Join the millions making their lives better and more secure with health insurance through Most are eligible for financial assistance. The deadline to enroll is February 15th, so sign up today.

Written Text

Natasha's prescriptions are covered. 
Carlos has medical and dental coverage. 
Millions like Josh get help paying  
Find out if you're eligible for financial assistance 
Enrollment Deadline: February 15 
Sign up today!

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