Take a look at AMC's new series Better Call Saul with this extended trailer. Don't miss the two-night series premiere of Better Call Saul, Sun., Feb 8 at 10/9c and Mon., Feb 9 at 10/9c.  
"Extended Trailer: Better Call Saul"

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I'm number 1 on your speed dial, right next to your weed dealer. Please, call me 
McGill! James McGill! I'm an attorney. 
It's showtime, folks. 
I don't go looking for guilty people to represent. 
Your honor, I'll never do it again. 
I told you suit, Ember. That's a loaner, OK? I need it back.  
I mean, who needs that aggravation, right? 
What the hell kinda math is that?  
700 per defense.  
The money is beside the point.  
Here's Johnny! 
Money is not beside the point. Money is the point.  
The day of reckoning is here.It'll be a cold day in hell before I do any more PD work for this shitty court! 
I was in that court back there, saving people's lives. 
Thank you for restoring my faith in the judicial system. Now you'll either pay the $3 or you'll get an additional sticker.  
Son of a bitch.Employee of the month over here! Yeah!  
You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Hamlin. And I won't have it!  
What can we do for you, Jimmy? 
What Chuck did for this firm, one-third of this place belongs to him.  
If Chuck can call this an extended sabbatical, then so can we. 
You know I'm going to beat this.  
It's time to do right by him and cash him out. 
Hamlin's making you a chump! 
I'm going to get better! 
Chuck. I'm going under. 
Who's side are you on? 
Law Offices of James McGill. How may I direct your call? 
The longer you stay here, the more explaining I have to do to Hamlin. 
It's gonna be bad for you. 
I'm not backsliding. 
Will! Atone! 
I bet if we were in church right now I'd get a big Amen! 
Better Call Saul two-night series premiere begins Sunday February 8th at 10:00. 
Damn straight. Go with God. 
Only on AMC.

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Original Series 
From The Creators Of Breaking Bad 
Better Call Saul 
2 Night Series Premiere 
Sunday Feb 8 
Monday Feb 9 
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