"Tough Dodger" 
Looking for the latest fitness challenge? Welcome to a new definition of “extreme.” Remember to stretch, power up with a protein-packed Fresh Fit® sandwich, and experience The Tough Dodger! Check it out at

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

That turkey looks good. 
Yeah, I'm eating right. I'm doing the Tough Dodger. 
What's the Tough Dodger? 
Oh, it's a triathalon but with dodgeballs. 
Do they leave a mark? 
Not on the outside. 
However you're staying fit, start at Subway with our Fresh Fit sandwiches. Try out delicous Turkey Breast - protein packed with tender turkey that's oven roasted to perfection. Stacked with flavor and still a better-for-you choice. Subway, eat fresh.

Written Text

Subway Eat Fresh 
Subway Fresh Fit 
Turkey Breast 
Protein Packed 

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