Life has its moments that inspire, make us laugh and bring us together. Share the moment with NBC. This commercial for NBC shows clips from hit television series as well as sporting events from Football to the Olympics. 
"NBC - Share the Moment"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Will you marry me? 
You've killed three people. 
I'm not perfect.  
New World Record! 
That may be the greatest catch I've ever seen! 
The FBI is coming for you. 
None of it is worse than losing you. 
You gonna be able to be civil in there? 
I'm perfectly civil. He's the stupid garbage head doo doo face. 
You and me are a knot that'll never come undone. 
The winner of The Voice - Craig Wayne Boyd! 
I love you. 
(Lyrics) Moments like this 
We live for moments like this 
Moments like this 
Moments like this 
Moments like this 
Moments like this

Written Text

Life Has Its Moments 
Moments That Surprise 
Moments That Inspire 
Moments That Make Us Laugh 
Moments That Bring Us Together 
We Create Moments 
Share The Moment 

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