It would take you 31 years to count to one billion...we did it in 6. Thank you to all the procrastinators, the inspiration hunters, the travelers, the motivators, the trolls, the thrill seekers, and most importantly YOU. Seriously, if you are actually reading YouTube descriptions odds are you are a pretty amazing supporter. So to that, kick back and crack open a cold Red Bull. Here's to the next billion...Bieber, we're comin' for you. 
"One Billion People Are Awesome!"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, my name's Kyle Strait, and most people use these for picnic-ing. 
The guts and glory of a new legend. 
Man has flown a car. 
Ha! That's cool. 
People ask me if I'm crazy. If you're not doing what you love then I think you're crazy. 
Looks good, looks good. It's perfect! 
(Lyrics) Look around 
See it 
Breathe it in 
Feel it 
Here and now 
Be it 
Here and now 
Be it 
Here and now 
Won't you feel it 
Here and now 
Won't you see it, won't you be it 
Here and now

Written Text

July 2, 2008 
Red Bull's First YouTube View 
Kyle Strait Demos a Picnic table hop 
Things Have Changed A Bit... 
Thanks For One Billion Views

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