#hairprobs. We have all been there. Aussie is encouraging women to #DitchTheDrama and spend less time and energy on their hair and more time living life! Watch now and share if you can relateā€¦Mate! 
"Sh*t Girls Say About Hair #DitchTheDrama"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I wish I could just, like, get out of bed and have my hair be done. 
Why is this happening? 
Is it windy out? 
So windy. 
I can't get it wet. 
My hair's so frizzy. 
My hair is so flat. 
This looks stupid. 
Is this stupid? 
Does this look dumb? 
It's cute, right? 
Cute, cute, hideous. 
I have to start all over. 
No I'm not going! 
Just pulling up. 
So sorry I'm late. 
This took forever. 
Does my hair look OK? 
Is it OK? 
Oh right, you can't see it. 
Don't splash me. 
Don't splash me! 
Have you seen my curling iron? 
I left my curling iron on. 
You're sitting on my hair! 
Oh, watch the hair. 
Watch the hair. 
I am so sorry. 
It's OK. 
Hey, do you wanna join us? 
Oh, no. 
Oh no. 
Oh no no no no. 
No no no. 
I love her hair. Don't look at her.

Written Text

Ditch The Hair Drama 
Make aussome easy

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