This powerful new ad -- that premiered during Super Bowl XLIX on KSDK-TV NewsChannel 5 in the St. Louis area -- will help raise public awareness of the local heroin epidemic that has stolen the lives of thousands of young people and shattered thousands of families. 
The problem has become so serious that NCADA bought time during the local Super Bowl broadcast to air the spot, which dramatizes the effects of the epidemic. Opiate dependencies often begin when young people misuse prescription painkillers, and then shift to heroin as a cheaper alternative. The results are often catastrophic. 
NCADA believes that this is an issue that requires everyone’s attention. In the St. Louis area, nearly 2,300 people have died during the last eight years. To keep more kids from dying, nothing is more crucial than open communication between parents and their children and several medical, social, and political changes, or kids will continue to die. 
"That's How"

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(Lyrics) First you stole prescription pills from your mom 
You threw back a few and then they were gone 
So you're jonesing real bad, yeah you need some more 
So you call the shady guy and say you're looking to score 
And that's how, how you got addicted to heroin 
He came over quick, said he got something new 
For just ten bucks you snort or chew 
Said just one time and then you'd be fine 
But soon you OD'd and now you're dyin' 
And that's how, how you got addicted to heroin 
And that's how, how you OD'd on heroin

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