Is Barry moving too fast? Find out Tuesday on all new episode of The Flash! 
"The Flash - Too Much Running Trailer"

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So, how does a superhero get ready for a date? Same as everybody else.  
You change one more time, I'm gonna shoot you.  
We're in our twenties. We should meet people, go on dates. Aren't you worried about moving too fast? 
Catch me if you can. 
I will text you. Uh, no, I'll call you. Er, I'll just do both, OK? I gotta, I'll do both. I'm so sorry.  
You're a crime-fighting, lady-slaying machine. 
It's super cool. 
Little help please. There you go again, saving me from that evil dress. 
Get in bed. 
The Flash. New hit series. Tuesdays at 8:00/7:00 central on The CW. 
(Lyrics) Calling me a liar, but I always come home to you  
But I deliver for you  
I deliver  
Yeah I always come home  
I deliver for you

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The CW 
Too Much Running 
Cramps His Style 
new hit series 
The Flash 

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