Watch the chilling trailer that shows the unpredictable and treacherous world of Far Cry 4, where every second is a story. When danger lurks around every corner, what will you do to survive in Kyrat?  
"Far Cry 4 Trailer - Survive Kyrat"

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Pre-order now for a free upgrade to the limited edition. Includes three extra story missions and a bonus impaler harpoon gun. Pre-order now. Far Cry 4. Available November 18th, 2014. 
(Lyrics) At first, I was afraid, I was petrified. 
Thinkin' I can't live without you by my side 
Spent so many nights thinkin' how you did me wrong 
I grew stronger, I learned how to get along 
It took all the strength I had 
Not to fall apart 
Trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart 
Spent so many nights just feelin' sorry for myself 
I used to cry 
But now I hold my head up high 
I, I will survive 
I, I will survive 
I've got all my life to live 
I've got all my love to give 
Now I will survive 
Oh I

Written Text

Far Cry 4 
Free Limited Edition Upgrade With Pre-Order 
3 Bonus Story Missions 
Bonus Impaler Harpoon Gun 
Pre-Order Today At Any Major Retailer 
Available 11.18.14

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