Grab a date and join us to celebrate all kinds of love at the World's Largest #StarbucksDate. Enjoy a special pairings menu for two and fun sparks of love. February 13th, 2pm-close. 
"Meet Me for Love"

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Invite someone to the world's largest Starbucks date and enjoy a special pairings menu. February 13th, 2:00 PM to close. 
(Lyrics) I'm the ocean, you're the land 
I wash upon your golden sand 
If I'm a bird and you're a tree 
I'll sing a song up in your leaves 
I know, I know it 
You're number one for having fun 
I know you're number one for having fun 
I know it 
You're number one for having fun 
I know

Written Text

Saya & Daisuke 
Alejandro & Nayeli 
Ash & Beata 
Luis & Marcelle 
Fabio & Simone 
Megan & Teddy 
Yuka & Benjamin 
Tam & Tristan 
Sarah & Bhavik 
Adrian & Derik 
Dave & Britni 
Debbie & Frank 
Kim & Joseph 
Eduardo & Cintia 
Daniela & Alexei 
Olivia & Fred 
Yi-He & Ting-Fang 
Tej & Leon 
Joau & Amanda 
Rolando & Devin 
Damian & Alaine 
Gillian & Charles 
John & Sara 
Yigit & Denise 
Paulo & Marissa 
Carmen & Guillermo 
Philipe & Livia 
Karin & Richard 
You & Who? 
Invite Someone To The World's Largest #StarbucksDate 
Enjoy a Special Pairings Menu 
February 13th, 2PM - Close 
Meet Me At Starbucks 
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