"iPad - Make Music with iPad" 
iPad is changing how we live, work, and create more and more each day. For recording artist Elliphant, it’s liberating her to make music in a radical new way. 
This ad features musician, Elliphant, in her room writing music using her iPad. The DJ, Ritin taps out a beat on an iPad app and then Facetimes with Elliphant. She tells him that she's been writing a song. We then cut to them in the studio recording as well as what appears to be dancers shooting a music video for it. Soon after they are having a show to perform the song which will also feature Gaslamp Killer.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How you doing? 
I'm good. I've been writing lyrics all morning. 
I want you to all make extreme noise for Elliphant! 
Tearing down the wall of fear 
Full of flowers stuck in there 
Come a little closer 
Na na na na na na na 
Always learning, never learn 
Full of food. the wick will... 
Nature's not a peaceful place 
It's a reckless dirty race 
Gray zone where my demons rest 
Grey zone where I dream the best 
I'm not stuck inside this body 
I'm the wind and always lonely 
Down with everything or nah 
All or nothing, that's what's up 
Come I need you closer 
Ain't you hearing 
My inner wish is passing through the feeling

Written Text

Make music with iPad 
Gaslamp Killer 
Everything changes with iPad

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