"NBA All-Star 2015 | New York Takes Center Court" 
To all five boroughs, THIS is NBA All-Star 2015. Watch as New York Takes Center Court. Follow the action at or download the app.

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This year, out of this world, All-Star basketball comes to the city. Not just the concrete jungle, but the Brownstowns of BK too. Boogie down to the breaking waters to the center of the World's Fair. Dunk smashing, dime dropping. Not in my house. From downtown. Yes! Hail a cab. Catch a train. Ferry over. Bike, walk, run. Just be a part of it. Watch as New York takes center court. This is NBA All Star 2015.

Written Text

All-Star, AllStar 
BKN NYK 2015 
Out of this world 
Just the jungle NYC 
BKLYN Brooklyn 
To the Staten Island 
To the center 
Takes center court 
Download the NBA All-Star NYC App 
February 13th-15th 
NYC 15 
New York takes center court 
Irving 2, Corry 30, Rockets 13, Clippers 
Post no bills, Off Duty, Taxi

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