"GEICO Boat: Waveman - GEICO" 
Don't stare too long, she's sensitive. GEICO knows boats. 
The Geico caveman is back and now he has a boat. The Geico speedboat is in his way though.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Your boat's painted and ready to go. You're gonna love it. 
What's that exactly? 
Oops, sorry. Wrong customer. 
Your boat's over here. 
There she is. 
She's a beaut. 
Alright, don't stare too long. She's sensitive. 
Sorry, sorry, sorry. 
Only I can. 
Geico for your boat. See how much you could save. 
You are my shooting star

Written Text

Bodacious Boats 
WaveMan, Wave-Man, Wave Man 
Geico for your boat

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