It’s a fact that in top-level sport, the power of support can be the difference between victory and defeat, falling an inch short of the rugby posts in the final minute of a game. Stuart Lancaster calls it that extra 10%. In 2015, you can be that difference.  
We are calling upon the country to get behind the England Rugby Team. To do that we need a symbol that manifests support, and what better than the icon sewn onto the chest of every England shirt. The red rose of England. 
To Wear the Rose is an individual act, and a collective demonstration of supporting England Rugby. And if everyone stands up to Wear the Rose, the England players will feel stronger, faster and perform better. They will feel like giants. 
So show it. Wear it. Share it. 
"Wear the Rose - The Power of Support - O2 rugby advert"

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This was the moment. The moment you needed them, out there, cheering you on. Making you brave, making you believe it. Remember the lift it gave you. You stood a little taller. Felt a little stronger. That's the power of support. It makes us bigger, it makes us better, it makes us feel like giants.

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England Rugby 
England need your support 
Wear the Rose 
Find out more at 
Make them giants

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