In an attempt to seduce her own Christian Grey, Vanessa Bayer recreates the infamous elevator scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. 
"Vanessa Bayer’s Fifty Shades of Grey Elevator Scene"

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I like your tie. It's very grey, you know?  
It's purple. 
I'm not a cop. 
Um, ma'am, I think your phone's ringing.  
It's not my phone.  
I'm working out right now. Kegels.  
Oh. Oh. 
Making everything real strong. 
No, I got it.  
I think that's a bad idea. 
Now I can't leave.  
Double team, you know? 
Do you know what these are? 
No, I don't.  
They're not a Christmas ornament, I'll tell you that much. 
It's not like a '90s choker, it's a dog collar. So, ruff! 
What are we doing? 
I don't... 
What position is this that you're teaching me? You're so dominant! 
I have a bad shoulder.  
Is that for me? 
Uh, these are mine. My car keys. OK, whoa. 
Anastasia got one.  
What? Please let go of my keys. Please let go of my keys. Please.

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Fifty Shades of Grey 
The Elevator Scene 
Vanessa Bayer 
Fifty Shades of Grey 
Valentine's Day

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