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"The Ugly Couple Song"

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(Lyrics) I was never pretty, not even as a child 
These gaps between my teeth, they showed up when I smiled 
My hair always stood straight up 
Like it was terrified to fall 
In school it wasn't friends or charisma that I lacked 
But in elementary pictures they always put me in the back 
And I wasn't tall 
Oh these guns of mine never did arrive 
Didn't matter what I'd lift 
My acne was invincible, my dandruff was no gift 
My voice was high as a lady's and it's still that way today 
But you know I'm glad I waited 
That is, I was made to wait 
'Cause if'n I'd been taken I would've missed the best date in the world 
She's got a heart that's bigger than her hair 
She might never be a model, but who cares? 
She's one cloud and some wings from being an angel 
And who knows, we might make something beautiful 
Well I have reached maturity 
Finally grew into my 'fro 
I guess my ears they missed the news 
'Cause they just keep a-growin' 
I have some great breakdance moves 
They never seem to move the girls 
But I always hoped I'd find the one who'd really dig my look 
And one night at the comic store we both grabbed the same book 
One about dragons 
She's got a smile that's brighter than her nails 
She might never win a pageant as a female 
She's mine and we might someday have a little one of our own 
And who knows we might make something beautiful

Written Text

XO Mints 
The Ugly Couple Song 
(And I wasn't tall) 
One about dragons 
Mister Universe 
Special Thanks To 
Cut + Run 
Run River North 
Josh Beeman 
The Ugly Couple Song 

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