With a turbo engine, the Kia Optima flies, and fighter pilot Blake Griffin knows it. In his high-tech cockpit, it’s time for Blake to destroy the enemy using the element of surprise. Over. 
Prepare for take-off with the 2015 Kia Optima’s power folding mirrors. It’s not your average mid-size sedan. 
"2015 Kia Optima Blake Griffin Commercial | “Fighter Pilot” | Official NBA Partner"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If I don't come back alive, make sure you tell Emily... 
Cut! Cut! Hey, Blake. What are you doing? 
Preparing for takeoff. It's time to destroy the bad guys. Over. 
Where's your plane? Cars don't fly. 
The Optima does. It's got a high-tech cockpit and a turbo-charged engine. Over. 
Don't have to keep saying "over". 
You're supposed to be in a jet, like those guys. 
See, the bad guys are expecting me to be in a fighter jet, not a mid-size sedan. I'll fly in under the radar. Over. 
OK. We're gonna go with the car. Kinda works.  
Ready for action. 
Let's bake this cake.

Written Text

A Kia Motors Production 
Blake Griffin in 
The Optima 
NBA | Kia  
Official Automotive Partner 
Do not attempt. Optimas don't fly.

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