We asked the LA-based songstress to show us what a few days of perfectly straight strands look like. (Spoiler: 48 hours never looked so good.) 
"The Power of Beautiful Hair: Madilyn Bailey & Advanced Haircare Ultimate Straight"

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(Lyrics) I better be careful  
'Cause the way you’re looking at me  
Looks a lot like love love 
Kiss me with your eyes  
And you hold me in your thoughts all night  
Locked in like a picture we're frozen  
Suspend the hands of time for a moment  
If I could just trust what I see is right  
I’d spy hearts in your eyes  
Looks like love but I can’t tell  
Sounds so loud can’t hear myself  
Feels like fire under my skin  
Can’t let it out, can’t let it in  
Taste like everything I want  
What if it is, what if it's not  
I almost wish it didn’t but it does 
It looks like love 
Looks like love 
It looks like love 
Looks like love 
Looks like love

Written Text

L'Oreal Paris 
Advanced Haircare 
Ultimate Straight 
A Film Featuring Madilyn Bailey 
48 Hours 
New Ultimate Straight Collection 
Day 1 
Day 2 
Thank You Madilyn Bailey 
For spending 48 Hours Straight with 
L'Oreal Paris 
Advanced Haircare 
See the power of beautiful hair every day

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