Jackson Hewitt Tax Services. Tax preparers Working Hard for the Hardest Working. 
6,300 locations including nearly 3,000 in Walmart stores. Come in today to get started or visit for a location nearest you. 
"Jackson Hewitt Commercial: Quittin' Time 100% Accuracy"

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We work hard for the hardest working. 6300 locations, nearly 3,000 in Walmart stores. Welcome to the new Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. The biggest refunds, 100% accuracy, guaranteed.  
(Lyrics) I've been workin' on the railroad 
All the live long day 
I've been workin' on the railroad 
Just to pass the time away 
Can't you hear the whistle blowing 
Rise up so early in the morn' 
Can't you hear the captain shouting 
Dinah blow your horn

Written Text

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service 
Biggest Refunds. 
100% Accuracy. 

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