Can a perfectly-booked accommodation change your life? See how anyone can go from zero to hero when you get your accommodation booking right with 
" 2015: Booking Hero"

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So, that hostel you found on turns the last night of your trip into the first day of the rest of your life. In that perfectly selected romantic chateau, words escape you. Luckily, she doesn't. Nine months later, responsibilities. Two of them. You take them to an eco-lodge to become one with nature. And they do. But there's a story inside you, so you check in to this log cabin where inspiration strikes. Each booking success propels you to even greater heights. Launching your masterpiece at a Tokyo 5-star hotel. Reconnecting at a tropical paradise that shouldn't exist, but does. Soaring above this castle resort with your father-in-law, who finally seems to like you. Life can be like that when you get it booking right. Booking.yeah.

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