This is one of the local Pawnee commercials shown during the very last episode of Andy's television show, The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. The restaurant Paunch Burger might not be real, but boy does that Dinner For Breakfast Burger Combo look delicious! 
"Paunch Burger Commercial"

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We know what you want. Healthy, natural food that still tastes great. And we're here to tell you, it doesn't exist! Healthy food is for suckers. It tastes like garbage and if you say you like it, you're a chump and a liar. Be honest, this is what you wanna eat. The Paunch Burger Dinner For Breakfast Burger Combo. It tastes amazing. What's in it? Who cares! How many calories? Shut up! It's awesome. Put it in your body or you're a nerd.

Written Text

It Doesn't Exist 
Paunch Burger 
Dinner For Breakfast 
Burger Combo 
Who Cares 
Shut Up 
Put It In Your Body 
Or You're A Nerd 
Paunch Burger

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