"Galaxy Tab S - You Need To See This" 
The Galaxy Tab S and its incredible display make everything you love look better than ever.  
This 2015 Oscars ad shows people using their Samsung Galaxy Tab S to share things with their friends. 
* Screen share the device onto a TV, showing a video of a dog running on a bed 
* Shareing web sites 
* Video chat 
* Flying a drone and watching the images it beams from above 
* Watching a movie with friends

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You guys gotta see this. 
Have you not seen this? 
This lineup's incredible. 
You need to see this. 
Did you get the link? 
Yeah I did. Thanks man. 
Wait till you see this. 
Are you guys ready to see this? 
I'm so gad we did this. 
Samsung Galaxy Tab S with our best screen of any tablet. 
This is the world we wanted 
This is the life we dreamed of 
This is me and you 
This is the new amazing

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