Now all Mobile Share Value customers automatically get Rollover Data? from AT&T! Paired with 7 GBs of data to share on 3 lines – even the toughest negotiators want in on this action! 
"AT&T Commercial - Mark Cuban"

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Yeah, we're on vacation next month and my family churns through all sorts of data. 
Well now we have mobile share value plans with rollover data, so the data you don't use this month rolls over to the next. 
Sounds great, but what's your angle? 
I don't think I have any angles. 
Hardball, huh? Look, you want me in on this, I want a piece of the action.  
Oh, well you get the rollover data automatically, so you're already in on the action. 
You should negotiate more stuff. You're pretty good at it. 
Now get three lines for $120 a month with rollover data to share.

Written Text

3 lines 
Rollover Data to share 
Mobilizing Your World 

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