This is a commercial for the NBA on ESPN. Bulls vs. Rockets airing at 8:00 PM, followed by Mavericks vs. Warriors at 10:30. On ESPN. 
"ESPN NBA: Hot Hands"

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For fans of the hot hand, this is your game. Bulls, Rockets at 8:00. Mavs, Warriors at 10:30. Presented by State Farm. Wednesday on ESPN. 
(Lyrics) Shooter, shooter, shooter 
Let's go 
My hands up, my hands up, yeah they want me with my hands up 
They want me to surrender 
But no, I can't do it 
They want me with my hands up 
They want me with my hands up 

Written Text

For Fans Of 
Hot Hands 
This Is Your Game 
NBA Countdown 7:30 PM/ET 
Bulls VS Rockets 
8 PM/ET 
Mavericks VS Warriors 
10:30 PM/ET 
Presented by State Farm 

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