What's sweeter than ice cream? Unlimited data - especially when you get to save on your wireless bill.  
"$50 Unlimited Plan | Sprint"

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Sprint's Unlimited Plan. Unlimited high speed data, talk and text for just $50 a month. Experience unlimited on the best iPhone ever, for no money down. We'll even buy out your contract. Visit us online or at a Sprint store today. 
(Lyrics) I ain't easy 
And I make you mad 
Least I ain't sleazy 
I'm just trying to put the world to rights 
And if you want to, I'll take you out 
Cause I got the feeling that I'm gonna [keep you up all night]

Written Text

Why Sprint's $50 Unlimited? 
Because unlimited... unlimited. 
With a side of unlimited. 
And it just keeps going. 
Because it's unlimited. 
Sprint's Unlimited Plan 
Unlimited Data, Talk & Text 
$0 Down iPhone 6 

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