Hans and Franz invite their State Farm Agent, Chad, on the show and have him explain how he saves people money with the famed Discount Double Check.  
"State Farm Commercial - Muscle Check"

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We're back! I am Hans. 
And I am Franz. 
And this is our State Farm agent, Chads, and we just want to... 
Pump! You up! 
Chads, what is it that you do? 
Well, I save people money with the Discount Double Check 
Discount Double Check! Discount Double Check! 
Just to double check, what exactly do you do again? 
Yah, yah, the savings part. 
Like I said before, with the Discount Double Check... 
Discount Double Check! Discount Double Check! 
Well, that's not exactly how we do it. 
But this is exactly how we do it. Hit it, Jurgen! My pecs are dancing with joy from all the savings. 
Pump up your savings with a Discount Double Check. Get to a better state. State Farm.

Written Text

Pumping Up With Hans & Franz 
It Pays To Double Check. 
get to a better State 
State Farm 
Auto Home Life Bank 

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