"Android: Young Together" 
All over the world, on all kinds of different screens, Android helps over a billion people to do their thing, their way. Learn more at 
This ad for Android shows people using a variety of Android devices.  
* A variety of devices taking selfies, using a selfie stick, even using a camera under water 
* Smart watch on a bike, and a phone using GPS on a bike 
* A tablet using Google Earth 
* Car operating systems 
* Looking up fish at a pet store 
* Using the screen and front-facing camera as a mirror to put on makeup or check your hair 
* Displaying videos from your phone on your HDTV 
* Getting sports scores on your watch 
* Filming a child's first steps 
* Taking video while riding skateboards across a bridge

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The new kid on my street 
She kinda looks like me 
Instead of climbing trees 
We like to sing this song in harmony 
And her momma sings too 
And the old man taps his shoe 
Music's like shampoo 
I need it every morning yes I do 
And we're all young together 
And we're all young together

Written Text

Samsung, Google 
Be together. Not the same. 

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