RAC teamed up with Budweiser to debut the new “Let Go” remix at a secret Brooklyn warehouse party! Unsuspecting music fans that found Budweiser’s Secret Cooler on the street were added to the guest list, and told the location of the party. Watch the video to see what happened next! 
"RAC “Let Go” Remix | Budweiser Secret Cooler Party"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) But I see the things that you can't contain 
And what it does to you 
So let go, let go of your fire 
Let it go, let go of your fire 
We'll live it up till we crash and there's smoke in the air 
Let it go, let go of your fire

Written Text

Hey, It's RAC. I Know Of A Secret Party Tonight.  
Find This Cooler And You're On The List. 
Welcome To The Budweiser Secret Cooler Party 
Look Out For A New Budweiser Video Cooler Near You 
Great Times Are Waiting 
Grab Some Buds

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