LeBron James’ first home court game appearance won’t be in Cleveland; because it was in his hometown of Akron, Ohio on September 25th. Sprite worked with city officials to turn Patterson Park, which hadn’t been updated in more than 20 years, into a blank canvas for New York urban artist Futura to transform. Once the court was transformed, Sprite held a pickup game and basketball clinic for the community to enjoy. That’s when LeBron showed up to celebrate the new courts and his arrival back home 
"Sprite Presents: LeBron James' First Home Game: 30 commercial"

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LeBron's first home game won't be in a giant arena. It won't be in front of millions of people. And it won't be televised all over the world. There won't be a halftime show, shot clocks, mascots. 'Cause his first home game was here. In Akron. With us.  
(Lyrics) So I, I bet my life 
I bet my life on you

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Patterson Park 
City of Akron 
Parks and Recreation Bureau 
The First Home Game 
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