Jabari Parker looks to his past and remembers what it took to build himself into the athlete he is today 
"Gatorade Recover: Building Jabari Parker"

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Catch you in the morning. 
I've always done whatever it takes to get to the next level.  
Scouting reports in terms of potential for Jabari Parker. 
I think he's got a world of talent. 
A dunk by Jabari Parker. 
Parker off to Duke University. 
Come on, no pain, no pain. 
That's an aggressive play. 
Milwaukee Bucks select Jabari Parker.  
Parker's gonna fumble... 
Come on! Let's go! Come on! 
Parker grabs his left leg. 
Jabari Parker has been carried to the locker room.  
It never gets any easier, but I will get stronger.  
You gotta want it! Come on, get it! Let's go! Come on, get it! Get it! 
Because my story is far from over.  
Gatorade Recover. Protein for athlete building. 
(Lyrics) I'm just the shadow of a bigger man 
Glowing brighter with each year I am 
I was standing on a mountain  
Just looking down (on you on you) 
I said all your light can't save me 
All your light all your light can't save me

Written Text

Gatorade Protein Shake 
Gatorade Whey Protein Bar 
Protein For Athlete Building 

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