Dancing is one way into the complex health care system. UnitedHealthcare can help. 
When “our song” comes on the radio, a couple starts dancing in the dining room and gets a little carried away. Watch for the medical billing code E005 -- it’s just one of the thousands of ways people get into the complicated health care system. UnitedHealthcare health insurance has ways to make the health care system simpler, like virtual visits. Learn more at 
"Our Song Commercial | UnitedHealthcare :60"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's our song. 
Oh, wait. 
Yeah, there you go. 
Oh no! 
There are thousands of ways into the complex healthcare system.  
I'm fine. 
And UnitedHealthcare has ways to make the system simpler, like virtual doctor visits.  
What happened here? 
I came in too hot. 
(Lyrics) I've had the time of my life 
Though I never felt like this before 
Yes I swear, it's the truth 
And I owe it all to you 
You're the one thing  
I can't get enough of 
So I tell you something 
This could be love 
Because I've had the time of my life 
And I never felt this way before

Written Text

Official Medical Code 
...Activity Involving Dancing And Other Rhythmic Movements 

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