Run to Old Navy now! All dresses and skirts are on sale, starting at just ten dollars for girls, fifteen dollars for women, at Old Navy. Select styles, in stores only. Valid 3/23/15 - 3/31/15. "Best Dressed Guest starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus"

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I thought the vows were over the top. Let it go. You broke up with him, remember? No, no, no, don't... Hi there. You look great. Not as great as her. Can we talk about this somewhere else? No. Where'd you it? Get what? Her gorgeous dress. You clearly have spent a fortune on her. Actually, I bought the dress. With what, your allowance? No, it's from Old Navy. All dresses and skirts are on sale starting at $15. And the bride's wearing white 'cause she's a lady. It's true and girls' dresses start at just $10. Did you just say $10? Yes, but you have to hurry. I like her. She makes you look fat. I'm going to Old Navy!

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#runtooldnavy All Dresses & Skirts On Sale Now Old Navy

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