Every ending has a new beginning. Every drug empire needs a king. Will Ghost have what it takes or will someone else come out on top? Season 2 returns Saturday June 6 9P ET/PT. 
"Power | Built on Power Teaser | STARZ"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ain't no friends out here on the streets. Wanna take it from you, all of 'em. 
I can't start a war now. 
It only starts a war if they know you did it. 
We ain't your enemies. We're your friends.  
I don't believe you. 
(Lyrics) All gold everything, not Trinidad, King Tut 
King Push, kilo, I'm the voice of it, Cee Lo 
It's just as big as my ego

Written Text

Are Built 
On Power 
A Starz Original Series 
Series Returns 
June 6 Sat 9P

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