Schick, Skintimate and Pitch Perfect 2 bring you “Ready, Shave, Shine” performed by the a cappella group, The Basic Pitches! Watch as they effortlessly shave, trim and dance their way through our 3-step leg care regimen. If you’re in the mood for some smooth beats and even smoother skin, check it out! And, be sure to check out the Bellas in Pitch Perfect 2 when it hits theaters May 15th! 
"Schick, Skintimate and Pitch Perfect 2 Present - Ready, Shave, Shine"

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(Lyrics) She got a face that’s kinda modelesque,  
But she got leg hair like a porcupine. 
She drives just like a model citizen, but then her stubble gets a major fine.  
(A major fine, girl we got to prune you, one routine, boom you’re through)  
See you’ll be smooth like a jazz duet.  
You gotta learn to ready, shave and shine, yeah. 
Jump jump it’s time to groom.  
(Ready, shave, and shine) 
Leg selfie in the bathroom.  
(Ready, shave, and shine)  
Gel it up ya gotta lose that hair (ah)  
Gel ya down until ya (smooth, hey) 
I must confess I hide my fuzzy legs in my sweatpants.  
I’m like a cactus, I got thorny thighs, can barely dance.  
Just got these shorts on sale, my stubble now don’t stand a chance.  
Let's get these legs in gear. 
My leg hair, I shaved it.  
My leg hair, don’t hate it, just shave it. 
Ready, shave, shine. We love it.  
Ready, shave, shine. We love it. (We love it. We love it.) 
She gotta pair of legs they’ll blow your mind,  
Smooth as a dolphin on a slippery slide. 
She got more numbers than the stock exchange,  
Cuz she kissed her thorny legs buh, bye.  
(Girl those legs extra smooth, stop, hold up, bust a move) 
Her ladyscaping is-a lookin’ fine 
Go ‘head show off your bikini line (yeah) 
Rock your legs now they glow  
(Ready, shave & shine) 
Close up shot in slow-mo  
(Ready, shave & shine) 
Legs are sparklin’ like they’ve been gift wrapped (oh) 
Blinding bright cuz we’re (smooth, hey)

Written Text

Pitch Perfect 2 
Schick & Skintimate 
The Basic Pitches 
Ready, Shave, Shine

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