Watch this dazzling, musical-fairytale to find out if our TV star – Hannah – finally finds The One bra she’s been searching for. 
"Find The One TV Campaign – Full Length Version"

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And I'm telling you, one day I'm gonna find the one. 
Oh, the one, the one. We'll find you one right now. 
But I don't want just one, I want THE one. Just you wait, hey, wait! Hey wait! Where are you going you little... Wait until I...find you.  
I found it. 
Find the one bra for you. Get fitted today. 
(Lyrics) Look around there's a million choices 
Look around you can take your pick 
You can get one that's cool 
Or hot 
Look around there's a million choices 
Take a shot and it just might stick 
No listen girls, you just don't understand 
I have to find The One 
Find The One 
The one that makes me feel like nothing else has done 
The one that makes me feel just right 
The one that clings to me all night 
Yes I must I'm on a quest to find The One 
Hi babe 
Find the one (that's good for sport) 
Find The One (that gives support) 
The one that makes me want to jump and dance and run 
Will she ever find the one that sets me free 
Find then one more like that for me 
That doesn't pinch 
Or squash me flat 
Or make me feel like I'm a 
And recognize how will I ever find the one 
Ladies listen, there's a choice that cannot fail 
You need the one that pays attention to detail 
You can have the perfect look 
You can have the perfect fit 
You can have the perfect feel 
Check it out now girl, that's it

Written Text

Find The One 
Magic Wire 
Fine the One bra for you at

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