Sylvester Stallone contacts Jonathan Warburton to pitch a movie idea about a Warburtons' Delivery driver, called "The Deliverers", starring himself, of course. 
"Warburtons TV ad The Deliverers"

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Good morning, Warburtons.  
Mr. Warburton! There's a Mr. Stallone on the phone!  
What? THE Mr. Stallone? Hello? 
Is this THE Jonathan Warburton? 
The guy that bakes and delivers fresh bread to thousands of stores every day? 
Yes. But... 
No buts, Johnny, you've given me a great idea for a movie. Now, picture this. It's 3:30 am. Blackrod. Bolton. I play a tough, uncompromising Warburtons delivery driver. Commanding a crack squad of bakers hell-bent on being the best.  
It's bake or break time! 
Hey, how're you doin'? 
As the last of your freshly baked loaves are getting packed and stacked, I'm locking and loading. By 4:00 am, it's showtime. Nothing's gonna stop us from delivering toasty loaves, whole meal and snappy one-liners. 
Time to earn my crust. 
When it comes to delivering fresh bread on time, the oven gloves are off. Sylvester Stallone in The Deliverer! Ers. Talk to me Johnny.  
Tell me the bit about the bread again.  
Warburtons. Delivered fresh from oven to store every day. Whatever it takes. 
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The Deliverer 
The Deliverers 
From Our Family To Yours 

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