Speed-racing Sorta Valet Driver drives for a living, likes to save money on car insurance, and knows you might not get your car back in the same condition. 
"Sorta Valet"

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Uh, you're the valet? 
Yeah, sorta the valet. Both drive for a living, both like to save money on car insurance and we both know you may not get this car back in the same condition. Watch your toes. Woo! Yeah, boy! Get it! 
Sorta you isn't you. With DriveSense from esurance, you can earn a personalized discount based on how you drive, not on how someone sorta like you drives. You'll even get a discount just for signing up. Esurance. Backed by Allstate. Click or call.

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sorta you isn't you 
insurance for the modern world 
An Allstate company | 1-800-ESURANCE

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