At Esurance, we have smart online tools that help you only pay for what’s right for you. That’s insurance for the modern world. This commercial for esurance insurance features a dollar bill with all the information you need to know about saving money on car insurance through esurance. 
"Born Online and Built To Save"

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There are lots of ways money. Here's one way. Esurance. They were born online and built to save. They major in efficiency which means when they save, you save. They have smart online tools that help you find the right coverage, so you only pay for what's right for you. Plus a personalized set of discounts you can take to the bank. Cha-ching! That's insurance for the modern world. Esurance. Backed by Allstate. Click or call.

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Here's One Way 
Born Online and Built To Save 
Which Means When They Save You Save 
Personalized Set Of Discounts 
Insurance For The Modern World | 1-800-ESURANCE 
An Allstate Company

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