"It Matters | Camping | Verizon Wireless" 
Verizon Commercial 2015. If you are not on the Nation's Largest, Most Reliable 4G LTE network, what would you be giving up? 
This ad shows a father and son running to a tent in the middle of the woods at night. They meet up with the rest of the family and watch a Star Wars Rebels episode from in their tent by streaming it on their phone.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

They questioned: 
Are there still bedtimes out here? 
Was that a coyote? 
And who gets to chose the movie this time? 
But they never had to wonder if there network could stream it. If you're not on the largest, most reliable network, what are you giving up? Verizon

Written Text

Star Wars Rebels 
The largest, most reliable 4G LTE network

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