"Diet Dr Pepper – Lil' Sweet Self Employed (2015)" 
Lil’ known fact about Lil’ Sweet: he sings in the key of sweet and always carries a spare six pack of Diet Dr Pepper with him. No one knows where he keeps it though. 
This ad shows some people in a break room at work. A woman looks in the refrigerator for something sweet when a tiny man named "Lil Sweet" slides in and gives her a Diet Dr Pepper while singing short falsetto melodies.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I want something sweet without all the calories. 
Lil Sweet! 
Did someone ask for the sweet, no-cal sweetness of Diet Dr Pepper? 
That was me. 
Just take a sip. 
Oh, that is sweet. 
Oh yeah! 
Do you work here? 
No, Lil Sweet is self employed. 
That's awesome. 
Lil Sweet is sliding out on his knees. 
He's hot. 
I'm thirsty too. 
Diet Dr. Pepper, it's the sweet one.

Written Text

Justin Guarini as Lil' Sweet 
Dr Pepper Diet 
Est 1885 
Diet Dr. Papper 
It's the sweet one

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