David Duchovny stars as Detective Sam Hodiak, on the trail of a young man who would be known as Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony) on Aquarius, premiering Thursday, May 28 at 9/8c. 
"Aquarius - Defining a Generation of Crime (Preview)"

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They can't see who we really are. We're powerful and we can change everything.  
Sam, my daughter Emma, she's gone.  
We're gonna find her. I'm not giving up. 
You never do. 
One day, the world will know our name.  
I'm looking for Charles Manson.  
Aquarius. May 28th here on NBC. 
(Lyrics) One pill makes you and one pill makes you small 
And call Alice, when she was just small 
Feed your head

Written Text

The '60s 
The Age of Aquarius 
One Name 
Defined A Generation 
Of Crime 
Thursday May 28 

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