Save mass quantities. Even at 0300 hours. 
"State Farm® Commercial - "Jake From Planet State Farm" (Coneheads)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Correct, I have a life mate. Is that consequential? 
With whom are you communicating? 
Jake, from Planet State Farm.  
Jake from Planet State Farm at 0300 hours? State your identity. 
It is Jake from Planet State Farm! Home of Discount Double Check.  
Describe your apparel, Jake from Planet State Farm. 
Uh, khakis. 
Khakis. Explain. 
A dull Earthly garment covering male extremities. 
Sounds most appropriate. 
Save mass quantities. Even at 0300 hours. Get to a better state.

Written Text

State of unrest 
Saving Mass Quantities. 
Even at 0300 Hours. 
State Farm 
Auto Home Life Bank

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