This commercial for features a man who is celebrating his 90th birthday with a big party. As his cake is placed in front of him, the 90-year-old takes his finger and swipes a bit of icing from the cake. One of the birthday boy's friends points out that there is a late-arrival to the festive party. When the man looks up to see the woman entering the room, he takes the "9" candle from the cake and flips it upside down so the cake now reads "60" instead of "90". The woman tells the man that he isn't fooling anyone.  
" Think Young Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Happy birthday! 
Thank you, dear, very much. 
You're welcome. 
Thank you. 
Look who's coming. 
You're not fooling anybody, you know. 
Think young. Pass it on. A message from the Foundation For A Better Life 
(Lyrics) You make me feel so young 
You make me feel so spring has sprung 
And every time I see you grin 
I'm such a happy individual 
The moment that you speak 
I wanna go play hide-and-seek

Written Text

Think young. 
Pass it on. 
The Foundation For A Better Life

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