Shows a man testing out the sound quality on two phones by listening to a Ciara song. The first is okay, but the second (the LG Chocolate Touch) has great sound. The man is then asked to compare the sound on the phone to Ciara singing live right in front of him.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Phone Rep: Which sounds better? Ciara on this... 
Man: Yeah that sounds good. 
Phone Rep: or this? 
Man: Oh wow. That sounds great. What is this? 
Phone Rep: That's a cell phone too. It's the new LG Chocolate Touch with Dolby Mobile. Now let's compare that to Ciara herself. 
Ciara: Now let's work. Shake that thing like a donkey... You better work, work work... 
Man: I like this one. 
Narrator: The next best thing to Ciara herself. The LG Chocolate Touch. Only at Verizon.

Written Text

LG Chocolate Touch 
Is it a phone or something better? 
Life's Good

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