Gatorade salutes sweat. Not just any kind of sweat. The kind that makes us stronger. The kind praised by Michael Jordan himself.  
Features Serena Willaims, Usain Bolt, April Ross 
"Gatorade | We Love Sweat"

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We love sweat. No, we love a certain kind of sweat. Because while we all sweat, not all sweat is created equal. We love the sweat that comes from pushing yourself. The kind that's made at the edge of potential.The kind that's made from getting up and getting back up. Because that's where sweat lost becomes strength gained. That's the sweat that helps us beat yesterday. That turns setbacks into the back story. Yeah, that's the sweat we love. That's the sweat we live to replace. That's the sweat that comes out when greatness goes in. Everything you need to keep sweating.

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Keep Sweating 

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