"The CW | Dare to Defy" 
The CW: Defy your world and dare to live in ours. 
This promo for The CW features clips of Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals, Hart of Dixie, The Flash, Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Who's Line is it Anyway, and iZombie.

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We are the defiant. The ones who defy history. Defy family, defy death, gravity, and our demons. We defy weakness and wanderlust. We defy expectation and explanation. We defy haters and heartbreak. We defy bad luck and bad blood. We defy to be ignored, to be bored, to be defined. This is our purpose. Our moment. Our choice. 
Defy your world. Dare to live in ours. 
I know 
In spite of all my fears, I can see it all so clear 
I see it all so clear 
Oh oh oh  
Cover your crystal eyes 
And let your colours bleed and blend with mine

Written Text

The CW 
Defy your world 
Dare to live in ours 
The CW 
Dare to defy

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