Come rain or shine, our brand new TV adverts showcase perfect new-season looks from our womenswear collection. Check them out and get inspired for the great British summer! 
"M&S Summer Rain - Womenswear TV Ad 2015"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) You miss me?  
I miss all of y'all  
Why y'all girls standing together like that  
Hey! Hey!  
Women, I can do anything you like  
I can do anything you need  
And I got a better body  
Than the magazines you read  
None of them boys know the first thing about your fantasy  
Come get it bae  
Come get it bae  
Come get it bae  
Come get it bae

Written Text

Perfect Summer Looks 
Come Rain Or Shine 
Only M&S

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