One good idea leads to another. Let’s take a look at some of the great thinking that helped us get to Honda’s latest innovation. The all-new HR-V crossover. 
"The 2016 Honda HR-V - "Great Thinking Inside" :60"

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We took some of our best thinking and put it into this. Introducing the all-new Honda HR-V Crossover. 
(Lyrics) Gonna build a mountain 
From a little hill 
Gonna build me a mountain 
Least I hope I will 
Gonna build a mountain 
Gonna build it high 
I don't know how I'm gonna do it 
I only know I'm gonna try 
Yeah, yeah 
Gonna build me a daydream 
Yeah, yeah 
From a little hope 
Yeah, yeah 
Gonna push that daydream 
Yeah, yeah 
Up the mountain slope 
Yeah, yeah 
I'm gonna build a daydream 
Yeah, yeah 
Gonna see it through 
Yeah, yeah 
Gonna build a mountain and a daydream 
Gonna make them both come true 
Yeah, yeah 
Gonna build me a heaven 
And I know darn well 
If I build my mountain

Written Text

The All-New HR-V Crossover 
Start something special.

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