Watch the exclusive trailer for the new TV service, PlayStation Vue. Learn more at 
National premiere of the PlayStation Vue trailer. Now available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco Bay Area. Enjoy local broadcast, cable and sports networks through your PlayStation system. Thousands of hours of cloud storage, no long-term commitments and accessible on your PS4/3 console today. Start your 7-day free trial of TV the way it was mean to be. Start Vueing. 
"PlayStation Vue: Exclusive Commercial | PS4, PS3"

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If you had a button that could reverse time, you'd use it. Wouldn't you? Shh. And if you had a magnetic force field to protect yourself from phone zombies, you'd use it. Wouldn't you? If you had robotic legs that gave you extraordinary strength, you'd use them. Wouldn't you? If you had a real life safe point, you'd use it. Wouldn't you? And if you had a TV experience better than you ever imagined, just waiting for you inside your PlayStation, you'd use it. Wouldn't you?

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Start Vueing 
PlayStation Vue

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