Babies bring out the best in all of us.  
That’s why there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make life #BetterForBaby.  
"Pampers | Hush Little Baby | #BetterForBaby"

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(Lyrics) Hush little baby, don't you cry 
Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby 
And to help give mom a lift 
Dada's gonna take the late night shift 
And although it isn't fair 
Your sister's gonna have to learn to share 
And before he's at your door 
Your uncle swears he won't smoke anymore 
And 'cause stories will help you sleep 
Soon your grandma will learn to read 
And to keep the harm away 
The doctor's gonna work hard night and day 
And when in your line of sight 
Enemies will choose to end the fight 
And though he's got no time to spare 
The stranger's gonna help you climb each stair 
And in case you're feeling down 
Today the businessman will be your clown 
Drivers will slow down for you 
Pets are gonna be extra careful, too 
Guards will try to make you laugh 
Workers will pause on your behalf 
And though it seems it's almost done 
This lullaby for you has just begun 
Hush, hush now you know it's true 
There is nothing we wouldn't do

Written Text

there is nothing we wouldn't do. 
together we can make life #betterforbaby

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